Real Asian Men

Dear Diary,

I find it ironic that so many Asian men are in disbelief that many Asian women prefer White Men. Other than being born and raised in a society where we are socialized to Eurocentric standards of beauty and White normalization and superiority, which I talked at length in my diary (see The Socialization of White Superiority is Worldwide – Even in Asian Countries; and here Structural Forces that Shape us), there is another issue…. there are many (not all) Asian guys who are just whiny sexist bitches. I don’t know how else to say it. I’ve tried being diplomatic but it’s true.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with Asian guys despite what my critics say. Some of my best friends are Asian guys, I date an Asian guy, I have Asian male family members….but I’m not talking about the normal healthy respectable Asian guy, I’m talking about these bitches who sit and circle jerk each other, gossiping to each other like school girls, harassing and bullying any Asian girl who dates/dated White guys.


I’m talking about the type of bitches who accused me of being everything from a “White Troll” to a “prostitute paid off by Pilleater to bad mouth and sow disharmony in the Asian community as part of some huge elaborate conspiracy plot – like we have nothing better to do” rather than the simple fact that I am an Asian girl who finds White guys more attractive (so fucking hard to believe right?)  – ironic part is I never even badmouthed the Asian community – all I did was come to them for support for my struggles against socialization and I have been endlessly ridiculed. Unfortunately this type of ridicule is common for Asian women (Bullying of Asian Women by Asian Toxic Male Masculinity – A Common Occurrence).

The worst part is, there is a sexist double standard. If Asian women are with White men, she’s a race traitor, a degenerate, a piece of trash, a “White Troll” (which apparently is like the term snitch for gangsters or witch in the Salem Witch Trial days – the “worst” offense you can be labeled in the online Asian community). If you are an Asian woman who dates a White guy, for some reason, according to the hateful Asian community, it’s not a “preference,” rather you carry all the baggage and history associated with White and Asian relations from the beginning of time. Because Asian Males have been emasculated in society, somehow that is our fault- even if we are not the ones that did it? To them liking White Men equals hating Asian males – what a false dichotomy! But on the other hand, Asian Males with White women are okay and the guy is even called a stud and bringing pride to the Asian race for it? What the fuck?

I wonder if those Asian men are just blind or if they really don’t see that all their policing of dating preferences of Asian women and bullying attitude does is make Asian Women HATE them (Self-Hate Amplified – Making of Enemies out of Potential Allies?) and then they wonder why this happens, get more butt hurt and go back to their circle jerk to complain again – further reinforcing the cycle – as opposed to acting like mature men. The mixture of the socialization of White normalization since a young age and Toxic Male Masculinity results in things like this:



I’m sure I’ll be misquoted, but I want to be clear. I do not hate Asian men, but I do hate bitchy Asian Social justice Warriors who blame and harass and bully Asian women for their views and perspectives. I do hate people who harass others and even attack their followers list when they had nothing to do with the situation at all. I hate people who try to silence your right to speak, when freedom of speech is our right in this country.

Now, for those confused Asian boys, let me show you what a Real Asian man looks like. Introducing the latest spokesperson for our Asian Araynism movement, Mr. Hank Yoo. A real Asian man that is unapologetic in his views, confident, firm, identifies as AMERICAN first and a ladies man. So for all you Asian boys crying about how it’s so unfair that Asian women date White Men but White women don’t want Asian men – check him out, he’s been with tons of them – but that’s because he doesn’t act like a bitch.

If you’re not a bitchy toxic Asian SJW and would like to support the movement and join our community, visit and join the discussion board. We look forward to meeting you. 🙂


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Bullying of Asian Women by Asian Toxic Male Masculinity – A Common Occurrence

Dear Diary,

I have been noticing that the bullying I receive by many in the Asian online community is a pattern of treatment for many Asian women in general (any Asian woman that has her own opinion that doesn’t fit squarely with the echo chamber that is).  See for instance

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.32.04 AM

In this piece, the Asian female author documents and shares some of the online abuse and bullying she receives because she dares to have an opinion that differs from the echo chamber. I applaud her for sharing some of the struggles we all have to face even when we are trying to help the community in our own way and express our views. Here are some noteworthy excerpts:

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.34.07 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.34.57 AM

Not surprisingly the abuse she receives is normalized and occurs quite frequently, as summarized here by another user:

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.49.03 AM

And this ladies and gentlemen, is why I wrote a post reflecting how it seems these online toxic Asian masculinity communities ( are making potential allies into enemies (Self-Hate Amplified – Making of Enemies out of Potential Allies?). If you want a positive support system who helps instead of hates, visit and be involved in our community. 🙂


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Invitation to a new community – Asian Aryanism

Dear Diary,

I want to invite my supportive readers to a new community/family at We hope to create a safe community where we can speak freely about our views of White/Asian relations without fear of hate and censorship. Whether you support Asian and White Relations.

or struggle with being conditioned to see White as superior making you attracted solely to Whites and wishing you were full White -doing what you can to highlight your Whiter features…

or receive hate from the community for your views on such topics (see, we are here to socially support you and give you a voice.

If you would like to join, just register to participate in our forum ( and start posting. I hope to see you there 🙂

Also, follow me on twitter at : Azngrl4whitegod

White God on Film

Dear Diary,

So I’m watching Avengers the movie with my boyfriend the other night and they introduce this brilliant Asian girl whose a scientist. But despite all that, she becomes inarticulate and flustered when it comes to the White Thor.


This is exactly the type of socialization I always talk about (see To make matters worse, he literally is a White God!