Hate Crime Against Asians

March 8

Link: Asian Hate Crime Database

Dear Diary,

Because the “hush” nature of Asian culture  and because of the need to continue the perception of being seen as the “model minority,” often the racism encountered by Asians are not as publicized and known as those that occur for African Americans and Hispanics.

My white friend once told me he didn’t think Asians experienced any racism in America. A new hate crime database for Asians was recently launched, hopefully this will shed more light on the silent problem.

In this new era, not only are Muslim and Mexicans receiving negative backlash but also Asians. See this link for a recent story about how hate crime vandalized affected an Asian family: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/asian-family-garage-vandalized_us_58a47827e4b03df370dc4de2







4 thoughts on “Hate Crime Against Asians

  1. This girl is a fraud. She has an Asian bf and gets used by a different white guy on the phone every night. She craves white men. She’s claims to be a good girl…what a joke. What is good about that! Go for double digits!

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  2. So did he really hit a Vietnamese guy? There’s so many Asians that Whites only think of Japanese and Chinese when it comes to Asian.


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