Reblog: Harvard Study: Racial Identity Formation, Self Hate, and ‘White worship’ among Asian American youth in High Schools

Research to back up my experience! I’m not crazy or alone in feeling the way I do. This study suggests that being associated with white is perceived to be beneficial for college. According to the researcher:

“Among blacks, ‘acting white’ is socially stigmatized, but Asian students who ‘act white’ usually occupy the more socially prestigious positions. Because ‘acting Asian’ is equated with acting foreign or like a nerd, ‘acting white’ among Asian people becomes a source of pride, and is valued as the ability to assimilate into American society. While both performances are frequently practiced, the Asian students who ‘acted white’ are more likely to achieve extracurricular activity status within the school, which often led to admissions into more prestigious colleges.”

Tsai told me: “One of the most alarming features of my research was how Asian students who went to Harvard were very aware of and often shied away from having too many Asian friends. They saw having only white friends as sort of a badge of honor.”

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from angry asian man’s blog: Check out this piece by education columnist Jay Mathews in the Washington Post, examining a study by a student at Harvard on academics, ambition and Asian American identity formation: ‘Asian American Students and School Stereotypes’:

The study, ” ‘Too Many Asians at this School’: Racialized Perceptions and Identity Formation,” was written by Jenny Tsai as her senior college thesis for the social studies department at Harvard last year. If you e-mail Tsai at jenny.tsai@post.harvard.ed

u, she will send you a copy. What she describes is not a cabal of brainiacs trying to steal all the academic glory from their non-Asian competitors, but a collection of industrious and ambitious American teenagers trying to emulate their equally achievement-oriented white classmates, while society and government shove them into an artificial group called “Asians and Pacific Islanders” on the census forms.

As part…

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One thought on “Reblog: Harvard Study: Racial Identity Formation, Self Hate, and ‘White worship’ among Asian American youth in High Schools

  1. Really? I thought they put restrictions on Asians entering the prestigious schools is because they’re afraid that Asians will dominate the academic and technological sectors of the economy.


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