Twitter Beef Against Other Asians

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Dear Diary,

I used to bottle up a lot of my feelings about my views of an Asian American growing up in White society inside myself and not say anything about it and it really made me feel isolated. This tumblr allowed me to connect with a community of like minded people who accept my world view. Unfortunately my own Asian American community constantly criticizes me. Now i’m embroiled in a twitter beef with this other asian girl over how we see things. Being called race traitor and self hater again…by asians..and they wonder why we turn to whites.

3 thoughts on “Twitter Beef Against Other Asians

  1. It’s just like you said: “Fading in, fading out, on the edge of paradise, every inch of your skin is a holy grain I’ve got to find, only you can set my heart on fire… I’ll let you set the pace, cuz I’m not thinking straight” You were totally right when you said that! I connected so strongly with your sentiment and it moved me! Best wishes, sunshine!


  2. You just proved all of their points “and they wonder why we turn to whites”. The idea of you showing your personality to the web means you’ll get judged and if the shoe fits, then it fits. You should work on being less racist and maybe the criticisms will stop.


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