Dear Diary,

Have you ever noticed how European and White culture accents are typically described as sexy whereas minority culture accents, such as Asian accents not so much? This article kind of captures that general sentiment:


Of course I think this goes back to the way Western culture socializes to associate White with good or the positive, in other words “White is right” (see my post here for more details: A poster from Reddit got it spot on when he/she said:

“It’s cultural and propagated by Western media which romanticizes European accents. Ever notice how many films romanticize going to Paris or Italy and falling in love there? That same theme isn’t going to be found as often in Asia or elsewhere in the world.



All that said, it’s hard not to be affected by those endorsed norms growing up in America. While I can diagnose its origins, I am not immune from its effects. I too find French, Southern (although not too heavy) and other White Culture accents sexy (and sometimes disarming!) and Asian accents, well..not so much.


 It’s interesting that if you look at this post:

in the paragraph on Valley Accents “While this accent (Valley Girl) started in California, it has somehow worked its way all over the US and seems especially popular with Asian girls of every area code. It’s the most easily imitated American accent.”

I hate to admit it but I’m often told that I have the Valley Girl Accent. LoL. 😛

I think its a product of growing up in America, trying my best to assimilate into the American culture (trying my best not to sound “Asian”- especially given how unfavorable Asian accents are viewed) and looking up/emulating my idols, like American Sweetheart Britney Spears. I am often told I am very bubbly (I giggle a lot, sometimes just out of reflex!), which makes me sound even more valley girl, …. one of the major downsides is people might not take me seriously in job interviews and the like. Sigh oh well. I do think it is interesting how accents and the larger social culture might be all connected. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Accents

  1. Accents annoy me. When I talk to people, I’m doing my best to understand the message and meaning. If there’s an accent going on, it distracts me from the overall message. I remember calling on the phone to speak with someone who works in social services, and the guy has such a thick accent that it was so difficult to understand him. I requested a different person to talk to and it got better because there was a more understandable accent. However, accents are amusing ways of stereotyping people and I do it all the time.


      • Go right ahead and call me a racist. I’m not offended in the slightest term because I have met racist Asians before. In fact, I have even met a racist Chinese Math professor from a university I went to. Fortunately, I only took class with that dude for a day before dropping his class.


      • I am not saying you are racist, I would say some Asian groups might call you racist. I find with many Asian groups (not all), that if you don’t pretty much say everything about Asian culture is great and the best, you get hated on and labeled something derogatory.


  2. As I said before, I don’t care if Asian groups call me racist. I see some of the flaws in Asian culture myself and am willing to admit them. For example, I find the Han Chinese culture to be disgusting the way they murder Asian girls before they are even born. They’re hypocritical for telling other countries to stop meddling in their affairs but yet they subjugate 51 ethnic groups while degrading themselves and others along with the environment. The Japanese culture of long work hours at the expense of one’s health is repulsive. Thailand is ugly for allowing child prostitution to run rampant but anyone who criticize Thailand is to be arrested. Korea acts like it’s the best place in the world but it’s full of fake plastic surgeries. Vietnam along with China and Laos are just three communist centers where corruption and murder runs wild. I’m not saying Asian countries are the best but they have their flaws just like any other countries in the world. 😀


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