Even Arrow Just Plays with Asians but Commits to Whites

Dear Diary,

You know that I love Arrow and find Oliver Queen (as played by Stephen Amell) yummy to say the least. lol. But on a more serious note, it makes it all the more depressing when even in Arrow, the story of my life plays out again when the beautiful attractive White guy treats the Asian girl as a fling.


He plays around with her, even when he admittedly at the time is in love with and is constantly thinking about another girl (a White woman). But that doesn’t stop him from dipping himself in the Asian chick though. He just won’t commit to her.

Even the comics make it seem like the Asian girl just threw herself to the White Man over White fever.


So who does our handsome White hero commit to and finally settle down with, you know it, the beautiful blonde White woman.


Again, Story – of- my- life!

P.S. – I have received invitations like the ones below before from White couples, they are painful to look at. A dose of reality packaged in a beautiful package, reminding me that happily ever after does happen for some people.


3 thoughts on “Even Arrow Just Plays with Asians but Commits to Whites

  1. I know you are really into some OIiver Queen, so that plot line must have been brutal! But bittersweet as well since it is like your life imitating art. I saw this show on CW for the first time flipping thru channels recently and thought about you. I wonder what the identify of the writer behind the scene is …


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