This site is about the private in-depth reflections of an Asian American girl and her experiences being born and raised in America. The goal is to be completely honest and bare my soul in hopes that it will create a space for others to do the same. Because many of us do very well in school and seem to have our professional lives together, the issues and barriers we face are often not as known and acknowledged. While many Asian American Girls may also share similar feelings that I have, these feelings are often not publicly expressed and difficult to discuss with your friends and family in person, especially in the “hush hush” Asian culture where discussion of such issues brings “shame” to the family. I will also take request for topics of discussion as well, topics you might wonder what Asian women’s perspectives are on!

It is my hopes that this blog creates a forum that allows people who share such familiar sentiments to express themselves and so we do not bottle up our emotions, think we are crazy for feeling the way we do, and end up with serious mental problems.