Hi! I’m an Asian American Girl attending college in the Southeast. I moved here from California (510!). While publicly I’m a straight A student and dating an awesome Asian boyfriend as well, privately I struggle with race related issues as a product of growing up in America. Specifically, the lack of Asians in media representation and the constant bombardment of the unachievable Eurocentric white standard of beauty influenced how I see the world (I used to date exclusively white men for instance, have almost a singular attraction to white men and have often bleached my hair blonde to highlight my “whiter” features – I’ve been labeled everything from “race traitor” to “self hating asian”). This public diary reflects my views and experiences tackling those issues.  Please take a look around and comment on my posts! I would love to build an online community that engages and tackles real issues facing AAs in America. 🙂


Apple aka “Azngrl4whitegod”

Twitter: AznGrl4WhiteGod

Social Support Community: http://www.asianaryanism.com

Most Relatable Quote:

“I want what’s yours
Oh I’d give anything
And I’ll take the pain….

I wait alone
For what will never come
And I’ll throw it all away” – C. Love